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  • 7 December 2016

    At the Pledging Conference organized by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Poland declared its financial support for UNHCR in the next year and announced additional contribution for Mosul operation in 2016.

    Poland expressed its full support and appreciation for the work of the High Commissioner and his Office, which translates to  constant support of Poland  for UNHCR operations. Ambassador Stachańczyk announced that the Polish Government recently decided to allocate additional 3,5 million PLN for the UNHCR Mosul Situation Response Plan.


    In the 2017 perspective, Poland expressed commitment to maintain its financial support for the work of the High Commissioner. In 2016 Poland contribution for operations related to crises in Syria and Iraq as well as UNHCR Headquarter exceeded 5 million PLN.


    Poland in its statement recalled the Agenda for Humanity commitment adopted at the World Humanitarian Summit to share the responsibility for those who need the support. Poland emphasized that building self-reliance and independence of societies is fundamental and is the most effective tool for preventing unrest and crises. - Affected populations should be empowered by involving in designing the right responses to crisis situations and in defining their own needs. The responsibility and leadership should be shifted to nation and local actors to the extent possible – Ambassador Stachańczyk said.

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