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  • 8 December 2016

    During four-day session of Council of International Organization for Migration Member-States discussed contemporary issues related to migrations as a global phenomenon and IOM’s response. Poland presented its views on the cooperation with IOM and current migration trends.

    The Council which concluded its deliberations on 8th of December, took a decisions on admission of Kingdom of Tonga, budget and program in 2017. There were discussion panels  devoted to IOM-UN relations and Global Compact on migration process and on Brand Bargain on humanitarian financing.


    Ambassador Stachańczyk delivered the statement on behalf of Poland during the general debate. He stressed the need to take action aiming at making migration orderly, safe, well managed and responsible. He underlined that to achieve that we need to improve our capacity in the area of managing and securing our borders and regaining control over the large movements. The International Organization for Migration with its strengthened participation in the UN system should continue to render support to migrants in vulnerable situations but also support to national migration policies.


    Poland stated that the ultimate goal of the negotiating process should be achieving a balance between the concept of a good global governance of migration and the imperative of a sovereign decision of a state and security issues. Poland expects that the Global Compact on migration  will be innovative and at the same time feasible.


    As the global lead agency for international migration, IOM remains for Poland an important partner. Poland expressed its supports the activity of IOM. Additional contributions are brought to cover the implementation costs highly valued by Poland  joint migration projects. Ambassador Stachańczyk expressed hope that continued cooperation between Poland and IOM on the basis of mutual trust, transparency and proven efficiency will be beneficial for all sides, especially migrants.  

    Read the full text of statement: link

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